at the movies.....
ones i wanna see either in a theatre or on dvd via netflix, most are already on dvd by now!

10th and wolf
51 birch street
a dolls house
A good night to Die
a lot like love
a mighty wind
a scanner darkly
a view from the bridge
alien vs predator
all the kings men
america brown
anything but love
be cool
bee movie
Bigger than the sky
billy dead
blind spot
born into brothels
boyfriend in a box
breaking and entering
brothers of the head
camera obscura
capturing the friedmans
cet amour-LA
cold creek manor
confessions of a dangerous mind
confusion of genders
conversations with other women
cry wolf
dark water
dawn of the dead
dear wendy
dirty love
don't move
don't tempt me
door in the floor
down fall
enduring love
everything is illuminated
factory girl
fierce people
find me guilty
flags of our fathers
flora plum
good night, good luck
green street hooligans
half nelson
happy endings
harry potter
havana nights
head in the clouds
house of D
house of wax
I Capture the Castle
i love your work
i'm not there: suppositions on a film concerning bob dylan
in my country
in the land of women
in this world
incident at loch ness
innocent voices
intimate strangers
jesse james
jesus camp
jesus is magic
kamikaze girls
kiss kiss, bang bang
kitchen stories
la riot spectacular
LA Twister
lady in the water
L'Auberge Espagnole
layer cake
le petit lieutenant
lightfields home videos
little children
little miss sunshine
lord of war
love me if you dare
lucky you
mail order wife
man of the year
march of the penguins
maria full of grace
Marie Antoinette
mean creek
merci docteur rey
monster house
monster in law
multi facial
my life without me
my summer of love
Neil Young - Heart of Gold
new york doll
night watch
nine lives
no good deed
off the map
oid joy
paradise now
paris, je t'aime
piece of my heart
red lights
running with scissors
sherry lady
springtime in a small town
stage beauty
stay che
stranger than fiction
suddenly naked
superman returns
suspect zero
The Anarchist Cookbook
the animation show
the ant bully
the ballad of bering strait
the ballad of jack and rose
the berkeley connection
the big empty
the big white
the blood diamond
the chumscrubber
the company
the contract
the driving bell and the butterfly
the edukators
the embalmer
the event
The Girl From Paris
the good german
the great raid
the groomsmen
the grudge
the hitchiker's guide to the galaxy
the house of sand
the hunted
the hunting of the president
the ice harvest
the illusionist
the interpreter
the king
the last face
the life of david gale
the mortian child
the oh in ohio
the painted veil
the perfect man
the prestige
the queen
the reckoning
the rum diary
the secret lives of dentists
the station agent
the tortilla curtain
the tunnel
the white countess
three burials
till human voices wake us
time to leave(le temps qui reste)
touching the void
trust the man
truth, justice and the american way
uncovered - the war on Iraq
unknown white male
upside of anger
V for Vendetta
vera drake
walking on the sky
war of the worlds
wassup rockers
what the bleep do we know
winter passing
without a paddle
wrong eyed jesus
wrong turn
XXX state of the union

Movies I've seen

talk to her
y tu mama tambien (great)
the 25th hour
the hours
rabbit proof fence (great)
punch drunk love
far from heaven
gangs of new york
catch me if you can
city of god (amazing)
all the real girls
the pianist
the recruit
how to lose a guy in 10 days (not so good)
the matrix 2
down with love (not so good)
the italian job
28 days later
pirates of the caribbean (greaT!)
from hell
mulholland drive
winged migration (wonderful)
road trip
leon the professional (omg - this movie is the best!)
Dirty Pretty Things
24 hour party people (i could watch this over and over)
the virgin suicides
waking life
triple X
whats wrong with...tully
lost in translation (great, great movie!)
kill bill vol 1 (best action flick in a long time)
school of rock
a man apart (wish i hadn't wasted my time)
happiness ok, clearly i rented
the wrong movie. this is not the one everyone is talking about! i knew it! *phew*
this one had lots of singing in it, it was just WRONG!

happiness - the right one this time with philip seymour hoffman/laura flynn boyle
love actually
heavenly creatures
mystic river
21 Grams
master and commander
the missing
a decade under the influence
julian donkeyboy
he loves me he loves me not
Gimme Shelter - oh how i love the Stones!
Breathless - old 60's movie, wasn't that great but the scenery was cool
American Movie
Lord of the Rings -1st and 2nd - i can't believe i've never seen these B4, excellent!!
Amores Perros - great movie.....i'd already seen it though!
Finding Nemo
harrisons flowers - oh how i love adrien brody!
8 mile
mona lisa smile
cold mountain (jack white, philip seymour hoffman, jude law, natalie portman, and giovanni ribisi) i loved this movie!
somethings gotta give
the last samurai
big fish (excellent!!!!!!!)
the wings of a dove
next stop wonderland
Jules and Jim
X men
The Cooler
cheaper by the dozen (oh how i must be bored!)
an Affair to Remember
it happened one night (i love this movie soo much! 1930's even!)
chasing liberty (matt goode- need i say more - ha!)
calendar girls - very good!
house of sand and fog
lord of the rings - return of the king ( amazing! )
the horseman on the roof
to kill a mocking bird
my life to live - very old foreign flick
hard eight
buffalo soldiers
angela's ashes - excellent!
children of paradise 1 & 2
girl with the pearl earring
american splendor
the last waltz
donnie darko
laurel canyon
once upon a time in mexico
prey for rock & roll
lost in la mancha
thirteen (13)
concert of george
mayor of the sunset strip
masked and anonymous
Monster (old movie)
Dancer in the dark
Bowling for Columbine
Last tango in Paris
A guy thing
The Gift
Once upon a time in Mexico
Lost in La Manchia
Eternal Sunshine
Van Helsing
young adam
A slipping down life
god is great, i'm not
mean girls
the day after tomorrow
coffee and cigarettes
chelsea walls
the unforgiven
pretty devils
whale rider
white chicks
spider man 2
two brothers
the termanal
napoleon dynamite
before sunset
raising helen
bourne supremacy
eat drink man woman
murder by numbers
the believer (this was really good)
jet lag
how to deal
shakespeare in love
under the tuscan sun
Charlette Gray
the Magdaline Sisters
the village
the slaughter rule
A Home at the End of the World (so good!)
Garden State
fallen angel (gram parsons)
amazing grace (jeff buckley)
little black book
garage days
vanity fair
Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow (so good!)
open your eyes (original)
the office 1st and 2nd series
the office special (excellent!)
the forgotten
ladder 49
shallow grave
cool hand luke - excellent
The Royal Tenenbaums (great movie)
the prince and me
remember the titans
The Motorcycle Diaries (excellent)
Alfie (gorgeous)
the incredibles
the machinist
what a girl wants
taking lives
alfie (original one with michael cane - excellent - they look so much alike)
the laws of attraction
the great escape - excellent!
the ring
super size me (great)
everyone says i love you
mall rats
13 going on 30
the quiet american
waking the dead
in good company
bad education (excellent)
the aviator(excellent)
million dollar baby(excellent)
sideways(wow, excellent)
oceans 12
national treasure
finding neverland(excellent)
a little romance
meet the fockers
7 commercials (radiohead)
a walk on the moon
shattered glass
Shaun of the dead (excellent)
mtv cribs (rock) (pretty bad)
riding giants
dead like me (season 1 disc 1 & 2)
the kid stays in the picture (great!)
the triplets of belleville
the jacket ( i loved this! adrian brody is a fine actor!!)
walk on water
wicker park
trees lounge
banger sisters (awful!! - duh)
Christiane F (true 'junky' story - disturbing and excellent)
sin city
fever pitch
gone with the wind (1st disc)
kingdom of heaven
cinderella man
sisterhood of the traveling pants
the lords of dogtown
mr. & mrs. smith
the rise and fall of gator "stoked" (sad)
batman begins
last days (awful)
fantastic four
must love dogs
the devils rejects (beautifully disturbing)
the wedding crashers
dead wood (first season)
arrested development (first season)
the saddest music in the world (had to stop - it was so boring)
a very long engagement
the island
Anna Karenina
Speaking in Strings: Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, 1999
red eye
broken flowers
if lucy fell
house of 1,000 corpses
just like heaven
pieces of april
berkeley in the 60's
flight plan
the constant gardner
we don't live here anymore
pitch black
you can count on me
matchstick men
goodbye lenin
me and you and everyone we know
mad hot ballroom (excellent!)
north county
dot the i
king kong
rumor has it
the skeleton key
memoirs of a geisha
walk the line
the family stone
festival express
bent it like beckham
morvern caller (turned it off)
a love song for bobby long (excellent)
match point
last holiday
tristan & isolde
four feathers
rock school
naked in new york
wuthering heights
wild strawberries
brokeback mountain
cisco pike
the libertine
a history of violence
the passion of the christ
roll bounce
a cinderella story
four brothers
inside man
take the lead
thank you for smoking
friends with money
ziggy stardust
stick it
new york dolls (all dolled up)
danny deckchair
city by the sea
the order
art school confidential
nacho libre
the lake house
tokyo drift
the break up
the omen
x men
bad news bears (so bad)
james dean
one last thing
sex and lucia
pirates II
you, me and dupree
clerks II
my super ex girlfriend
the black dahilia
step up
the departed
400 blows
slap shot
the science of sleep
lonesome jim

more cds in August!

I went to Tower Records this weekend and spent $140 bucks then to Fingerprints spending another $30 bucks or so.
Here are some I came out with.
1. The New Mojo Magazine with The Beatles on the cover (comes with a CD) = beatlemania vol 2 with cheap trick, grant lee, harry nilsson, nina simone, claudine longet all doing beatles songs.
2. Teitur
3. The Finn Brothers
4. The Twlight Singers
5. Mayor of the Sunset Strip DVD
6. Jeff Buckley -
7. Carly Simon
8. hellacopters
so far this is all i can remember right now....

new movies to look for...

Festival Express starts July 30th at Nuart in Santa Monica

Orwell Rolls in his Grave
Starts July 30th at Laemmles on Fairfax

The Burial Society starts July 30th at Laemmles on Fairfax

I totally want to go see Garden StateThe Village, Little Black Book Meet the Fockers , Danny Deckchair,  Alien vs. PredatorKing ArthurA Cinderella Story, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow , Wimbledon , Wicker Park , Vanity Fair , Novo , Head in the Clouds , Cellular and A Home at the End of the World.

hi my name is suze and i have a problem... it's called addiction!!
to buying CDS!!

today i went to bionic an spent 40 bucks then later on went to fingerprints and spent 160 bucks!! and i thats with the deal that i got at both stores from shopping there soo much!!
the dirtbombs - dangerious magical noise
brian jonestown massacre - and this is our music
Black 'n blue - ultimate collection (c'mon you can't deny the song nasty nasty!!)
the dogs d'amour - errol flynn/straight (have these on vinyl...)
best of the 60's - Zombies
stereolab - margerine eclipse
david cross - shut up you fucking baby!
swervedriver - ejector seat reservation
jill sobule - happy town AND pink pearl (shes fucking rad!)
the beatles - white album (have on vinyl...)
bowie - ziggy stardust (have on vinyl...)
neil young - sleeps with angels
mojo - instant grage vol. 1 comp"!
probot - dave grohls new one with lemmy!
rocket from the tombs - st
mary lou lord - baby blue
nuggets box set - finally found it used!! woot woot!! 65-68 yay!

..... lesson here, Don't drink and go cd shopping!!

More CD's and Books~~~~

How to be good by Nick Hornby (love his other books)
and books i've been trying to read but can't seem to get started....
~Restless Pilgrim a book about the spiritual journey of bob dylan
~Great Short Works of Mark Twain
~Great jones Street by Don Delillo
~Mansion on the Hill - i've been trying to read this for 3 years now!!
~Bachelor Girl by Betsy Israel - the secret history of single women in the Twentieth Century
Bang Magazine with a big Sub Pop article in it december '03 issue
Spin Magazine - the next big things issue


All Night Radio 12"
The Darkness
Shins - Chutes...
Candy Butchers - Hang on Mike
Nick Drake - Pink Moon
The Bens - (ben lee, ben folds, ben kweller)
Andrew Bird - Weather System

Evan Dando - baby i'm bored
Grant Lee Phillips - Virginia Creeper
The Fall-Outs - Summertime
David Bowie - Aladdin Sane - trying to get my classic collection back!!
The Loves - Love
The Fictions - present le traitor

cd's and books i bought

lost in translation sound track
jet - get born
the blood brothers - singles
other desert cities - local long beach band
david bowie - reality
sideways soul: dub narcotic sound system meets jon spencer blues explosion
yeah yeah yeahs - fever to tell
the blood group - volunteers
josh ritter - hello starling
carla bozulich - red headed stranger

touch me i'm sick - charles petterson
how to be good - nick hornby
uncut magazine with dylan on the cover

i saw kill bill today! great flick! lots of blood and action.

My Wish list on Amazon

Suze's homepage

....just a few more cd's.
QOTSA - songs for the deaf
The Mars Volta - de-loused in the comatorium. THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE BAND AT THE MOMENT!!

......another trip to fingerprints!
ben kweller ep -phone home
rooney - rooney
guided by voices -hold on hope
tool - opiate (love this band, lost this cd)
sonics - jerden years

what your record collection says about you!

Written and directed by Sophia Coppola, Lost In
is the
follow-up to Coppola's critically acclaimed
directorial debut, The
Virgin Suicides. Boasting a similarly unique and
soundtrack, Lost In Translation features original
music by My Bloody
founder, Kevin Shields, and a new, exclusive
song from Air
(credited with the score for Virgin Suicides).

Containing the first new Shields music to be released
in over 13
years, Lost In Translation's soundtrack also includes
from The Jesus & Mary Chain, Death In Vegas,
Squarepusher, and

1. Intro/Tokyo
2. City Girl o Kevin Shields
3. Shibuya o Brian Reitzell & Roger J Manning Jr.
4. Fantino o Sebastian Tellier
5. Golf Course o Kevin Shields
6. Girls o Death In Vegas
7. Tommib o Squarepusher
8. Too Young o Phoenix
9. Kaze Wo Atsumete o Happy End
10. On the Subway o Brian Reitzell & Roger J Manning
11. Ikebana o Kevin Shields
12. Sometimes o My Bloody Valentine
13. Alone in Kyoto o Air
14. Are You Awake? o Kevin Shields
15. Just Like Honey o The Jesus & Mary Chain

To be released by Focus Features in September, Lost In
stars veteran Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson (Ghost
World), Giovanni
, and Anna Faris (Scary Movie). Shot entirely on
location in
Japan, Lost in Translation exists as a valentine to
the nature of
close friendships and the city of Tokyo. Coppola's
film, adapted from
her very own original screenplay, contemplates the
connections we make in life that don't really last -
but stay with us

yet more cds....
the greenhorns
the kills (amazing cd!)
hot hot hot
pernice brothers
reigning sound (the new one)
JET (the best one yet)

even more recent cd's ....
ben kweller - sha sha
elliott smith - roman candle
elliott smith - elliott smith
libertines - (up the bracket)
my bloody valentine (loveless)
beulah - coast is never clear
ash - free all angels
the distillers
bare jr - brainwasher
sloan - smeared
spacehog - the chinese album
the beach boys - pet sounds

recent cd's i bought
low - trust
brad mehldau - largo (great piano)
trains and boats and planes - minimal star (amazing band)
lo*hi - say it more (boss hog drummer - her own band)
loose fur (jeff tweedy)
supergrass - life on other planets (soo good!)
best of chet baker sings
billie holiday - love songs
bob dylan - shot of love
interpol - turn on the bright lights (my favorite right now)
songs:ohia - mi sei apparso come un fantasma
grandpa boy - "mono"
genesis - the lamb lies down on broadway
neil finn - one all

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